Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers
Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers


Elvis. Made from soft, high-quality leathers

Sale price$216.00 AUD
Size:UK/AU Size 7
Colour:Moorland (Brown)

Feel the comfort! 3H Extra Roomy Fitting

The durable sole on this ultra-comfy casual has good tread so it’s a great choice if you’re active. Made from soft, high-quality leathers, it’s really roomy in the toe area so it’s ideal for bunions as well as swollen and sensitive toes

Why you’ll love Elvis...

  • Deeper and roomier than it looks due to ‘Hidden Depth’
  • Secure, touch-fastening strap adjusts to fit swollen or misshapen feet
  • Cushioned 'airflow' footbed can be removed to fit an orthotic
  • Softly padded across the instep & ankle for extra comfort & support
  • Broad toe area is ideal for sore, sensitive or problem toes
  • Helpful for bunions, gout, hammer toes and medium swelling
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Strap extensions are available for extremely swollen feet

Care Guide

Protecting leather footwear
  • We recommend you regularly treat leather footwear with shoe protector to protect it from water and guard against stains.

Cleaning & caring for leather footwear

  • Wipe footwear clean with a damp cloth and allow it to dry fully before using a good quality shoe polish or shoe cream in an appropriate colour. Apply with a suitable cloth, rub in until absorbed and then buff up with another cloth. A neutral polish is sensible for all colours.
  • If your footwear gets wet allow it to dry naturally. Don’t put them in the airing cupboard or near a fire or radiator. Stuffing them with newspaper or tissue will help ensure they maintain their shape whilst drying.

Liz Quartley, Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert


"This smart shoe is very deep and accommodating. The deep seam free front makes it great if you have sore or problem toes. It’s a generous style and I have found it fits a very swollen foot with ease. The padded collar helps to prevent the shoe cutting in ankle swelling too. The sole has a good tread on it making them ideal if you are active and enjoy going for a good walk."


Sizing Guide Cosyfeet Slippers & Shoes are designed for feet that can't fit into ordinary footwear. They are extra wide and extra deep so they’re very roomy.

All our women’s styles are made with an extra wide fitting of approximately 6E, and our Mens styles with an extra wide fitting of 3H.
But don’t worry if you don’t know your width size as many of our styles are adjustable. This means they’re flexible enough to fit feet that swell up during the day or if one foot is more swollen than the other.

Unlike many other brands of wide fitting footwear, Cosyfeet slippers & shoes also benefit from extra depth which means they’re particularly good at fitting problem toes and bunions or feet that are very swollen.
To put it simply, all of our footwear have been designed to be roomy enough to comfortably fit a whole variety of foot problems and conditions. Some styles are more suitable for specific conditions than others.

What size should I order? We understand that new customers are sometimes concerned about getting the perfect fit using mail order. However, most customers find that if they order their normal shoe size (that’s the size they would have ordered before they experienced problems with their feet), a Cosyfeet shoe will provide the extra room and comfort they’re looking for.

If you normally take a half size and we don’t offer a half size in the style you want, we would suggest that you order the smaller full size.

All our slippers are adjustable so whichever style you decide to buy, you’ll be much more comfortable than with a standard slipper.

If you find your swelling gets worse during the day, it might be worth choosing a style that has easily adjustable straps.

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