‘Arthro’ means joint and ‘itis’ means inflammation. Arthritis is a group of diseases affecting the joints, causing them to be stiff, inflamed and often painful. It is the greatest cause of disability in the UK, affecting approximately 1 in 20 under 40 year olds and 1 in 3 over 60 year olds. There are many kinds of arthritis; common types include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Causes of Arthritis

  • Joint instability
  • Age related changes
  • Metabolic (gout), autoimmune (rheumatoid) and age related (osteo)
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Stress
  • Age related changes

Helpful Advice

  • Try to keep your weight controlled and eat a normal balanced diet. There is no real evidence to suggest specialist diets will   affect or improve arthritis.
  • If you have a foot deformity, visit a chiropodist/podiatrist for treatment and advice.
  • See your GP for an assessment if your joints get painful or tender regularly.
  • If you have had an arthritis diagnosis and your feet are painful see a Chiropodist/Podiatrist for further assessment.

Footwear Recommendations

  • Choose flat roomy shoes that are supportive. If joints are deformed reduce pressure with a soft upper. Ensure the shoes give adequate support.
  • Extra support for weakened joints is important and can be provided by a firm heel back. Low heels and lace up styles are preferable, again for the best support. Many people are also affected with arthritis in their hands – in this case you will find touch-fastening styles are easier to adjust.
  • Underfoot cushioning such as insoles can help reduce pain underfoot and protect exposed swollen joints.

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