What Can I Wear If My Feet Are Swollen? You Need Shoes for Swollen Feet!

What Can I Wear If My Feet Are Swollen? You Need Shoes for Swollen Feet!

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What Causes Swollen Feet, Legs & Ankles?

Swollen feet, legs and ankles are usually caused by a build-up of fluid. This condition is referred to as edema, or oedema, and can be caused by all sorts of factors including an injury, health issues (like blood clots or problems with the kidneys, liver or heart), infections, pregnancy, being overweight, poor circulation, hormonal imbalance or reactions to certain medicines. Edema can be uncomfortable and cause varying levels of swelling, skin stretching/tightness, heat and lack of mobility - which makes wearing regular shoes almost impossible. Thankfully, there are shoes out there that are designed for swollen feet!

Edema: Stages, Types, Causes, Treatment, Risks - eMediHealth


Shoes for Swollen Feet

Wearing supportive footwear is essential if you experience swollen feet, legs or ankles. The right footwear will help to reduce pressure on the affected area, prevent further swelling, and promote healthy blood circulation so that you can get on with your day. Shoes designed for edema have special features that make them more comfortable and accommodating for swelling, including stretchiness (to accommodate the increased size and the constant changes in size that can occur throughout the day), breathability, extra width and a larger toe box. 

At Cosy Feet, We Specialise in Shoes for Swollen Feet, Ankles & Legs - We Have the Widest, Roomiest & Comfiest Shoes You Can Get!

Many people with swollen feet struggle to find shoes that fit well and are comfortable. This is because regular footwear isn’t designed to accommodate swelling, which can often make the shoes too tight or uncomfortable. Additionally, many brands that do offer edema shoes have a very limited selection on offer, which makes it difficult to find the perfect pair to match your style.

Cosyfeet are fully adjustable to suit a wide range of swelling. The Cosyfeet range of footwear is extra roomy which means it's very wide and very deep in comparison to regular footwear. Made in the UK and Europe.

At Cosy Feet, we know how hard it can be to find shoes that are comfortable and supportive if you experience swelling. This is why we provide a wide range of shoes that are specially designed to fit, support and fatter swollen feet. Our footwear is extra roomy, wide, comfortable, and fully adjustable to support a wide range of swelling sizes. We have various styles of supportive shoes that reduce pressure, improve circulation and relieve discomfort. Our shoes are lightweight and breathable, which provides maximum comfort whilst promoting healthy blood flow.

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At Cosy Feet Australia, we're dedicated to helping you find the footwear for your needs. If you have any questions about which products are most suitable for your feet, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts. We’re always happy to answer any questions and provide advice to help you find the perfect shoes.

With our range of extra wide sizes and orthotic-friendly designs, you can be sure to find the right shoes for your needs - with cushioning and support in all the right places. From shoes for elderly swollen feet to the best extra wide women’s shoes for swollen feet Australia has to offer, we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for in our range.

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